Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Baby Care: Trying out Dr. Robert Hamilton's Baby-Calming Hold

Me and Belle
Image from Locky's English Playground
Have always wanted to try out Dr. Robert Hamilton's Baby-Calming Hold but my elder girl is obvious too old for this at 3.5 years old, so my younger daughter Belle came to me at the perfect time. Here's how she reacted to it.

Disclaimer: No baby was hurt in the process of filming this.

Trying out Dr. Robert Hamilton's Baby-Calming Hold

How To Calm A Crying Baby - Dr. Robert Hamilton Demonstrates "The Hold" (Official)

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Environment: Typhoon Doksuri & Talim on 13th Sep 2017

Image from HKO
Twin typhoon, both set to miss Hong Kong. Li's field at work? Or not? We've seen U-turn typhoon before. Remember 2010's Lion rock?
Resource: Li's field 李氏力場

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Videos: Introducing "My Eco Diary" YouTube Playlist

Me and my plastic cutlery collection
Image from Locky's English Playground

At a time when "video is king", I guess I too have to ride with the trend.

I have been working on a series of videos with 'Sustainability' as topic, and I think it is time to announce that on my blog. Starting from my discovery of the Tzuchi Recycling Education Centre at Quarry Bay, I talked about the things I have learned about recycling companies, recycling plastics, milk cartons, plastic bags, etc. All the knowledge gained has raised my awareness even further and I am now ever more conscious about reducing waste from source.

If you too like learn with me, please bookmark this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpmeKgu8vwcmdjP309bHIrStgx7eb3MPE and subscribed to my YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/lx3h1981/

Monday, 12 June 2017

Usage and Website: Hong Kong Observatory Will Consider Issuing... WHAT????

Image from HKO

Imagine your lover tells you,

"I will consider telling you that this 5-star restaurant ABC is the place for our dinner in the next few hours."

What the hell does that really mean?

Haven't they already told you? Why would anyone decide to consider doing something later?

As we see, there are two obvious main verbs in here: 'consider', 'tell / issue', but there are at least two other hidden in the process, and those are 'decide' and  'inform'. The fact that you are hearing this line from your lover is because your lover has already completed these two hidden processes:

  1. has thought over or pondered and finally 'decided' to do 2
  2. has 'decided' to 'inform' you about 3.
And what is 3?

3. is that they will do two more things: 'will consider' and 'tell you' about something. Has 'will consider' semantically, grammatically and automatically mean 'yes' nowadays?

So the whole line should be read as,

"I have decided to inform you that I will consider telling you that this 5-star restaurant ABC is the place for our dinner in the next few hours."

When this is substituted back to the Hong Kong Observatory's official announcement:

"The Observatory have decided to inform you that we will consider telling you about the hoisting of Typhoon Signal No. 8 in the next few hours."

So, HKO, you sound like you have made up your mind, but have you really?

If you will issue, say you 'will issue'!! I hate hedging like yours!

Hong Kong Observatory

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Vocabulary: What is 'Innovation'? A Linguistic Perspective

Word play through word formation, is often very inspiring.

Innovation, is spelled 'in + novation'. Prefix 'in-' means 'not', used to negate the word that follows, 

'novation', a situation that requires everyone to agree in order to make changes.

Innovation is, therefore, a situation that does not require everyone to agree in order to make changes.

If someone claims to be into innovation, but is always bounded by the need to have everyone's agreement, then that is not innovation, that is only in novation.

Innovation is not to be in novation. You can quote me.


Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Environment, Education: What On Earth is wrong with these companies? Non-recyclable Packaging!

Heinz ketchup at AEON Kornhill
Photo by Locky's English Playground

What On Earth is wrong with these companies? For many many Wednesdays, I saw Heinz tomato ketchup in glass bottles being sold at AEON Kornhill at $5 per bottle. Knowing that there is glass recycling bins at my estate I am more than happy to buy them, but today, instead of recyclable glass bottles of ketchup, I see this horrific-all-new packaging for the same product sold at the same price.

WHAT ON EARTH is wrong with these companies? None of these is recyclable!!! The plastic cap, the plastic outer package and surely a layer of aluminium foil in between another layer of plastic before it gets to the ketchup, all these will eventually end up in our landfills because no recycling companies in Hong Kong will be able to handle these.

Heinz ketchup for fast-food restaurants
Photo by Locky's English Playground
And there is this type, small packets of ketchup for fast food restaurants. Haven't they seen IKEA cafes in Hong Kong or fast-food restaurants like Burger King in Thailand? All ketchup is kept in huge refillable containers with pumps for customers to take what they need. Why must they come in all these horrible non-recyclable forms is completely beyond my understanding. Don't these companies have people with brains or heart for the environment?

Having seen the new package, I was so freaked out that I told myself I will not buy this ketchup again until the glass bottle-version returns. Period.