Sunday 15 March 2009

TV: Mythbusters

Saturdays and Sundays is the best time to make some recommendations such as movies, songs, books and TV shows. Some people see these as yawns, just another "it is good for you" from your teacher. Well, I like to see them as entertainments, something that really WILL do you good without you even noticing.

I really like this, "Learn when you don't even notice you are learning", in fact, it is the main objective of my teaching in Secondary School now. Too bad I can't show this to the professors and my classmates in the HKU after they have rejected my application for the Master's degree. (Remember I mentioned about the devastation of mine, this is it!)

Well, enough of the spit, life goes on. If you are truly interested in learning, you are always welcome in this playground.

Let's get back to the recommendation.

If I must recommend a channel to watch, my first choice would definitely be 'Discovery Channel', because I can just veg out in front of the TV for the entire afternoon just watching the programs on it. And if I must recommend a program I find it most fun, I would pick 'Mythbusters', a science program with lots of scientists and experts working on proving and disproving some of the urban science myths and legends.

Here is the page which you can watch some summarized online versions of the show:


The beauty about this program is that it makes learning English and learning science at the same time! Now, you may argue,

"if that is the case, anything could be used for teaching English!"

And my answer would be,
"You are very right!"

English speakers use English for whatever they do, and thus learning English is never only on books and literatures, grammar and business. Then why not expose yourself to more and wider knowledge, so that your love for English actually comes from your love for these knowledge?

Pure English on English textbooks could be dull sometimes, even for me. I go for all possible ways to find what I like about the language.

So if you do have NOW TV, please do tune in more often as it also has other great shows to watch. I will recommend other shows on this channel next time.

Once you find what you love, you just cannot stop. I am totally addicted to it. -- Locky


  1. I have three colleagues who are studying in Master of HKU. I thought that it was not too hard to apply it. Though I don't know what Faculty you applied, and different faculties have different requirements for admission, I think that it is the loss of HKU, not you.

    By the way, I like watching Discovery Travelling and Living as I like watching cooking food and travelling (must with chinese subtitles). Eating always make someone happy especially when family/friends come together, share food and chitchat. It is a comfort especially in this financial tsunami.

  2. Dear,

    No one will get you wrong by less time in the blog for sure! Also, I'm sorry to hear u failed in the HKU Master degree. As Phy said it was their loss, not yours! Anyway...go go go..

    Sir, I used to become a 'native', seems that it is a simple and naive thought, coz' I don't have such English environment. The goal is too far from me. That's fine since I did have try my best!!!

    Take care and enjoy your teaching, even learning!

    Bo Bo