Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Grammar: Zero and First Conditionals (Add-ons)

Looks like I missed out the big point which Bo Bo was enquiring, so here are the add-ons.

First, let's look at Bo Bo's examples.

Let's go back to the sentense again :
  1. I'm not quiet and nice, but I'll come, if Mother will let me. I'll go ask her.
  2. I'll talk all day if you'll only set me going.
They might look difficult, but they are actually nothing more than the First Conditional. What is different now is that the "will" in the "condition" part shows a sense of politeness. You can even use "would" to make things more polite. (Some of you who attended my lessons understand perfectly why)

It is like:

  1. Will you help me out? If you will help me out, I'll be delighted.
  2. Mr Krugman is waiting in the conference room. If you would come this way...
So really, there is nothing much to worry about.