Monday 14 December 2009

Vocabulary: Christmas Stuff

Early Merry Christmas to you all!

Okay, Christmas is just round the corner, have you completed your Christmas shopping? Well, I hope not, because if you have done so before reading this entry, you would have missed your chance of learning some vocab in the process, which I always believe, is a much better and interesting way than reading these words from my entry (do you think so?), but even if you haven't done the shopping, I hope you can keep these words in your pocket and remind you of them every time you see them. That should help you remember a lot easier!

Right, let's begin our list of vocabulary:

-- the red and green leave plant for Christmas

-- There are many types of trees used but the most common type is Fir (other than plastic).

Christmas ornaments -- things you put on the Christmas tree
-- Bauble is a small ball-shape decoration you put on the tree.
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-- Tree-topper is the object you put on the top of the tree.
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Christmas Cracker(UK), bonbon(US)-- Garland / Wreath, usually tinsel, is the long pieces of thin shiny material used as decoration on trees. Tinsel also has a negative metaphorical meaning, click here to see.
Garland / Wreath
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-- a tube of brightly coloured paper given at Christmas parties, which makes a noise when pulled apart by two people and contains a small present, a paper hat and a joke.

See how Mr Bean uses his modified Christmas crackers:

-- song or hymn which is sung in the period before Christmas.
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Watch the ingenious Mr Bean and his incredible Christmas Carol:

-- Obvious from the names, but you can read their history by clicking onto the names above.
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-- You wear the stocking and wear the turkey??? The mashed up substance that Mr Bean was stuffing into the turkey's bottom is called Turkey stuffing.

Christmas cake of Yule log
-- a Christmas cake of the shape of a wooden block, appear mostly in European countries.

-- a basket made of wicker , with food and gift inside. A great way to earn money in the commercial world.
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