Wednesday 7 April 2010

Food: Eggette @ Mammy Pancake

Oops, missed Monday's entry, but expected, I suppose most of you are too lazy to be reading anything, or like me, too busy enjoying the holidays and thus failed to keep up with work. But everyone will start working tomorrow and so it is high time we start picking up our usual pace. I hope you enjoyed the talk by Warren Buffett. He was absolutely hilariously intelligent! While writing this now, I am watching it, just makes me laugh every time yet very enlightening!

During the Easter holidays, I went searching for nice snacks and food near Tsim Sha Tsui area, and one of the snacks I tried is one of Hong Kong's renowned local snack -- eggette. And Hung Hom has the best!

Chocolate and Original

Basic knowledge tells us that all you need are 2 steel eggette mould, some sort of egg and flour mixture and electricity and there you have the eggette you want. Well, yes and no. Like a lot of food critics say, "The simpler it seems, the better skills it takes." Eggette doesn't seem much different from waffles or pancakes you get from McDonald's, but then the skills involved can be so much more demanding. Watching the production of the Mammy Pancake, I finally understand what it means by skills and how minor improvements from the existing skills can make such a big difference in the quality.

Hygienic "kitchen"

What is the key? Well, I can't say I know the recipe, because I really don't. But from my observation, they make their eggette slowly, real slowly. I have seen one store down Kimberley Street, Tsim Sha Tsui, and that man juggles between five eggette moulds and he serves 10 customers in 10 minutes, make 10 eggettes every single minute and people lined up quickly leave with their order. No problem at all for that guy! But the eggettes taste just as normal as any other ones you can find almost anywhere else. On the other hand, Mammy Pancake's staff spent at least 3 to 4 minutes to make one eggette, and the long queue of customers have to wait for 15 minutes for their food but yet they waited! This is the business you really want!!

And what important the most is, Mammy Pancake does eggettes just the way I wanted.

Chocolate filling, not so sweet, but too filling for me

Most eggette around Hong Kong are thin, empty and crispy, and I thought I liked that because I thought that was the best it could get, I had never thought that a full filling eggette ball can taste so soft!!! Just look at those air spaces inside the eggette ball!!! I ordered chocolate and original; the original suits me best, it was SO rich in the aroma of eggs. The chocolate was nice enough to share, but definitely too filling for one to finish whole. The reason being, the staff were too generous with the chocolate. I prefer them to be a little more stingy.

Despite the chocolate concern, this has to be the best so far!! I am waiting to try the charcoal-made version, but before that, I will be back for more!!! Go try it!!!

Something extra for you. In Denmark, the closest to Hong Kong's eggette is called Æbleskiver. Though they look more like Japanese Octopus Balls and even the long metal needles used in the production look exactly the same, they actually are pancakes.

Average waiting time: 15 minutes. Make your order first and they will give you a token with number. They will call you when your order is ready.

Delicious Rating: 9 / 10


  1. looks delicious ~ ~ ~ but it's hard for me to get to hung hum :( i just had one bought in Kimberley's Street for my dinner tonight... taste not bad too ~ but a bit sore thorat now..

  2. Eggette is one of my favourite food. Should go to try it.

  3. Oooh, Celia, but you have to try this one, this is much much much better!

  4. Sharon.. buy me.. that eggette...

    and i will return you home-made double chocolate mud cake, kaka.. LOL Celia

  5. Locky, I have some research for the "best" eggette in HK. I haven't visited yours but the one in Tseung Kwan O MCL cinema is one of the best in my opinion, especially the chocolate version.

  6. Let me try that next time!

  7. Celia, good idea!
    Locky, after trying eggette in Tseung Kwan O MCL cinema, let us know your comment.

  8. Celia, good idea!
    Locky, after trying eggette in Tseung Kwan O MCL cinema, let us know your comment too.