Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Message: Locky's English Playground is Now on Twitter and Facebook

The Facebook 'Like' buttons can't satisfy our readers, nor can the Google Connect and RSS Feeds that have been keeping you updated of the updates of my blog, so I'm offering you more options.

First, I'm announcing the official launch of our Locky's English Playground on Facebook. There you will be able to get instant notice of the latest articles once they are posted on this blog. There will be web links that you take you back to the articles you want to read on this blog. You can also share them with friends that you know on Facebook. Do add it to your bookmark!

Locky's English Playground @ Facebook

Then of course, I won't forget those of you who might use another social networking platform, Twitter, so I have also added a Locky's English Playground Twitter page. What you will see on the Twitter page should be exactly the same as what you will see on the Facebook page, so you can go to either Facebook or Twitter. 

But that doesn't mean the Twitter page is pointless.

The advantage of the Twitter page over the Facebook page is that you can see the people I follow on Twitter. They are my masters and teachers in many aspects of life and their work is always enlightening to me, thus I hope they can influence you too.

These pages took me more than 2 hours to figure out how to link up, so... hope you like them!

Locky's English Playground @ Twitter

Enjoy learning while you are Facebooking and Tweeting!