Friday, 4 February 2011

Message: Overindulged in Football Manager 2011

I'm terribly sorry for that I missed out the Wednesday entry because the Nian Gao / year cakes, turnip cakes, taro cakes and my favourite osmanthus water chestnut cakes have preoccupied my mind these days.

The world around me seems to have come to a halt as well, with shut-doors everywhere. Not much of a fun to be out, so I mainly spend my time catching up with my Football Manager 2011 game.

There seems to be a magic charm to this game. Once I start, I can't really take my eyes off it. I have talked about this game in the pass and recommended it to those who would like to learn football terms and commentary and slang.

Watch from 6:32 for the juice of the game (If you are not a football or game fan, you can skip the next video)

Well, spending too much time on a game isn't all that good, so it is time to start doing some work.

So, what's our topic today? Please read the next article.

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