Saturday 5 March 2011

News & Movie: The Cove (Free Legal Download: Full Length Japanese Dubbed Version)

Few days ago, I received an email from the Oceanic Preservation Society (OPS) saying that "The Cove" will be online for free download as a mean to overcome the restricted showing of the movie in the cinema. Here's the email:



March 1, 2011Brought to you by Oceanic Preservation Society

The Cove DVD comes to Taiji, Fishermen end season early

This weekend, every Taiji household found a copy of The Cove in their mailbox.
In a surprise move shrouded in secrecy, film director Louie Psihoyos, in conjunction with several anonymous Japanese groups, arranged for 2000 copies of a Japanese-dubbed version of The Cove to be mailed to all residents of the coastal town. Most are aware of the controversy surrounding their town yet few have been able to view the film.
OPS has also put a free version for viewers outside the country, on The Cove website.
A theatrical release last summer was marred by incidents of protest by extreme nationalists, forcing several theaters to cancel. Despite dozens of awards and international acclaimThe Cove has had few viewers within Japan.

"The people of Taiji deserve to know what millions of others around the world have learned about their town," said Director Louie Psihoyos. "We here at OPS hope that when the Japanese people watch this film in the safety of their own homes, they may see that a few fishermen’s profits are giving a whole nation a black eye, not them."

A DVD subtitled version of film has also been released by Tokyo-based distributor, Medallion Media, slated for traditional sale and rental outlets. Ads for the film have been seen in Japan on TV, print and subway monitors.

The arrival of The Cove in Taiji coincides with reports that fishermen have ended the annual dolphin hunt one month early. Tarps used to shield their work and other equipment has been washed and put away. Some speculate that the fishermen have hidden evidence of the slaughter in anticipation of increased interest in the town.

OPS is grateful to the many who helped to make this happen. To our brave supporters in Japan who oversaw the delivery, to Bobby Sager who underwrote the dubbed version, along with all other donors.
To all who share our vision of ending the capture and slaughter of dolphins.
We thank you.

When I get my $6000, I will definitely donate money to this charity.

Available in the US: Japanese Dubbed Version of The Cove
アメリカのウェブサイトにて:『ザ・コーヴ』 の日本語吹き替え版 無料で視聴できます。

Don't forget that this movie's Full English version is also on our English Playground Channel.

shroud -- (vb) [T] to hide something by covering or surrounding it
(in) conjunction (with) -- (n) [C or U] (formal conjuncturewhen events or conditions combine or happen together
anonymous -- (adj) made or done by someone whose name is not known or not made public
mar -- (vb) [T] (-rr-slightly formal to spoil something, making it less perfect or less enjoyable
acclaim -- (n)[U] public approval and praise
coincide -- (vb)[I] to happen at or near the same time


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  1. "the cove" is close to success i believe. letting Taiji people know is a big move! the fishermen have ended the killing a month early this year, but they will definitely start again next year. come on, OPS! come on, the cove! come on, rick o barry! make it stop!!!

  2. you have a big heart too, locky!

  3. Thanks Celia. The thing about their killing is, they can kill 100 dolphins a year, but there won't be 100 dolphins born every year... I think.