Friday 24 June 2011

People: "Mr Chow, Leslie Chow!" -- Ken Jeong

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Friday for a break, if you haven't caught this movie, you should do it this week!
But wait, let's get to know Ken Jeong before you go!

Words you should hear
56 genres of dance, yelling out a "Chow", a convertible, I'm not burdened with that, host an award show, I just totally freaked out, Flavor Flav impression, medical expertise, slapdogs, their lady-parts, gross bad Asian joke, I'm locked in, I don't give a crap, small dongs, back to the vaginas, "Holla city of squala!"

Super talented actor! Unlimited jokes and brilliant ideas in the making of the movie! How many actors can really do this? Look at the NG cuts below.

convertible -- (n)[C]

expertise -- (n)[U] a high level of knowledge or skill

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Flavor Flav

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