Thursday 29 September 2011

Message: Nesat Brings First Typhooliday In 2 Years?

Image from HKO

When you need one, it never comes; when you least expect, two come along at once.

Well, not really, just one for now, the other one is still spinning outside the Philippines.

Image from HKO
A typhoon to remember-- Nesat. A day to remember 29th September 2011. A word to remember -- typhooliday (typhoo-liday)!
Image from HKO

Image from HKO
No work for the morning, hopefully the afternoon and tonight as well. Why? Not because I dislike working, every working day is a money earning day for me, but I just missed the day which I can do typhoon-photography (some other guys even do time lapses of typhoon!)

What is time lapses of typhoon? I'm reposting this video to recall your memory a bit.

Let's hope that typhoon 8 will stay and I don't have to suddenly return to work. As for now, I'm getting back to my bed.

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Timelapse Typhoon Nangka over Hong Kong

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