Thursday, 22 September 2011

News: Apple iPhone 5 (Oct. 4) & Apple Store HK (Sep. 23)

Apple CEO Tim Cook has big shoes to fill.
Image from Fox, AP Photo/Mark Lennihan
Could this finally be true? If this is so, it wouldn't be a bad news for my birthday, but I'm kind of getting tired of hearing the release date of the iPhone 5 being pushed from end of September to the end of October and now back to the beginning of October. I just want to know what iPhone 5 is like before I decide on getting it or a power-draining Samsung Galaxy S2.

I've been waiting for my first smartphone since the days of the iPhone 3. Could this be the right model for me?

One thing is for sure, you get to peek inside the new Apple Store in IFC2.

Let's see if I get to go inside to take some photos with my 7D one day. Until then, these photos are all I can offer. Want to see more? The shop is set to open TOMORROW!

fill sb's shoes -- Fig. to take the place of some other person and do that person's work satisfactorily. (As if you were wearing the other person's shoes.)

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