Thursday 20 October 2011

News & Opinions: iPhone 4 Steve? Siri-ously? What about iPhone 5teve?

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Yeah yeah yeah...

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I know it is iPhone related again, but this is the best topic around the world these days!! First, you have iPhone 4S representing "iPhone For Steve", second you have "Line" hitting 2 millions downloads in 3 months, overtaking Whatsapp's first place at the Apple Store, making a big hit in Hong Kong by the means of Facebook (both downloading -- due to the great functions such as SHAKE and deleting -- due to the rumours of possible unforeseen charges), then third, rumour has it that iPhone 4S is not the final project of Steve Jobs, but iPhone 5 is!!! One "iPhone 4 Steve" has triggered the best iPhone buying spree ever, what would their selling line be when they sell iPhone 5? iPhone 5teve? I'll surely take all the credit if they really do this, but my point is, they can basically do this forever! iPhone 5teve, iPhone 5S (iPhone 5teve JobS), etc.

Still, the most exciting thing about the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 is the iOS 5! Not jailbreaking this time, but your personal assistant Siri. It is a smart AI (artificial intelligence) which can learn as you teach it through asking it to do more and more tasks.

Wanna see some examples? Read this funny article by Takahashi about Siri.

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here’s some dialogue between some kids and Siri.
Question: You’re a poop.
Siri: I guess you’re not happy.
Q: Not at all.
Siri: Sorry. I don’t understand not at all.
Q: Find Kona’s pet food.
Siri: I found 15 pet stores. Thirteen of them are fairly close to you.
Q: Happy birthday Siri.
Siri: It’s my birthday?
Q: What is the tallest mountain in the U.S.?
Siri: Mount McKinley.
Q: Who is the tallest person in the world.
Siri: Checking on that for you. Do you want me to search the web for you?
Q: What are you?
Siri: I’m just a humble virtual assistant.
Q: You’re weird.
Siri: If you insist.
Q: What are you doing?
Siri: Waiting for something to do.
Q: You’re cool.
Siri: That is correct. I use advanced heat dissipation techniques.

Don't think it is real? Check this out!!!!

I haven't tried it yet, but when I finally get hold of the new jailbreak+unlock software, I will definitely try it.

But if these teaching of the Siri is being centralised one day, will we be making the real SkyNET in Terminator?

Siri seems brilliant, but there are questions which it cannot answer. Such as...

PS: iOS 5 isn't perfect, here's an article talking about 5 annoying things about iOS5 and how to fix them.


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