Friday 3 February 2012

Message: Locky's English Playground on Singtao Student Page!!

Dear all,

Locky's English Playground is expanding!!! After the establishment of this Blogger blog, followed by Facebook page, YouTube Channel and Sina Weibo, it is taking one more step to the newspapers!!!

As of today, Locky's English Playground will appear on Singtao Student Page as a column and I have officially become a newspaper columnist (till the end of school year)!!! I would like to thank my student Agnes Hui for offering this opportunity to me to benefit more secondary school students / readers. As a teacher, more help to others means making more than a difference. Isn't that the mission of all educators?

From this Friday onwards, our Friday entry will also be the entry on the column, maybe with slight differences. I'll see what I want to add or delete.

Hope you will like our Friday special entries.


Founder of the Locky's English Playground

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