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Academic Research: Corpus-based Analysis of Whatsapp Group Chat

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Learner Corpus Mini-research: Corpus-based Analysis of Whatsapp Group Chat

Law, Locky

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In Hong Kong, adult learners of English rely heavily on face-to-face classroom instruction, which is the mainstream mode of learning. As the internet and computer technology advance, authentic resources have become highly accessible (Law, 2011) and corpora boom, data-driven learning (DDL) gradually proves to be a viable self-learning alternative to traditional one-to-many face-to-face spoon-feeding pedagogy. Computer-mediated communication has not only changed human behaviour (Law, 2011), but has gradually shifted learning paradigm. Through the use of online web-based corpora, learners are able to explore patterns, regularity and trends of any lexical items by inductive method through the internet. In this paper, a Whatsapp chat room chat log of 9 adult learners of English is analysed and three selected errors will be bombarded by corpus data to demonstrate the benefits and practicality of DDL. Towards the end of the paper, I will suggest a corpus-based pedagogy, discuss the limitations of this project and conclude by advocating DDL in cities with high mobile phone and internet penetration such as Hong Kong.

For those of you who would like to read academic papers written by me. Hope this will be useful for those of you researching in related areas as well.

Learner Corpus Mini-research: Corpus-based Analysis of Whatsapp Group Chat @ Locky's English Playground

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