Friday 2 November 2012

Photography: Sport Video Capturing (feat. Adobe Premiere Pro CS6)

Hey guys, this is the first official Locky's English Playground video production.

What do you think about it? 

I must say, as this is the first time making a video, it is acceptable, but the shaking was really quite serious, having a tripod next time round would really help; however, to fix the shaking with software, it is actually impossible.

In Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, there is a function for stabilising video shakes, as demonstrated from 8:49 of the following video,

basically, the Premiere calculates the differences in between frames and then crop out the extra edges (as shown at 10:16). Pretty amazing! In fact, I wanted to do just that but it will take a very long time to render on my 4 year old PC. I will probably make a better version when I buy a new PC, but this will be another post entry some days later.

What is more amazing is that when I started uploading the videos to YouTube I discovered that YouTube has this option to stabilise the video too! Really does save the viewers' eyesights.
Image from YouTube and Locky's English Playground
I decided to keep the shakiness because it turns out that YouTube cropped out a bit too much. Then again, if my shooting skill had been better, I wouldn't have to use stabilization at all.

MichaelTheTutor has a good video on the necessary skills on sports photography, too bad that I haven't watched it before I took the video, but I can definitely use the techniques and settings advice next time.

We all need to continue learning and practising to improve, I do that every day, what about you? Learners of English, use these videos as a mean to train your listening skills, see if you can understand the speakers.

Hope you like my video.

[MTV] Boys 'A' Grade 2012 TSKVGSS 7-0 PLK Wai Yin College @ Locky's English Playground

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 quick demo in the Intel Booth at NAB 2012 @ YouTube

Sports Photography - Shooting In Daylight Training Tutorial @ YouTube

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