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Message: 2012 Roundup -- Top 44 Posts Of 2012

This is how I learn
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Every websites and news programs like to do roundups, and they are very popular among viewers, so I will do just that.

This year I have written 156 posts, 13 less than last year and 7 less than the year before, a pity because I have been too overloaded with tasks. I hope I can make up to it this year with better and more detailed researches and sharing.

Here's my Locky's English Playground Top 10 Posts Of 2012!
Spirals of Sunflower has the best arrangement for solar energy absorption
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In January, I read an article on solar plant and discovered the secret of the sunflower pattern in assisting solar energy capturing. Then Bobsled Winter Olympics Champion Steven Holcomb followed my blog's Twitter which allowed me to write a post introducing his game.

Welding Glass Photography. Do you remember?
Image from Electric Arc
I began writing for the Student Page of The Standard in February and the first one was about Valentine's Day as I talked about the slang and the sweet words, offered challenging tasks and discussion questions for the secondary school students of Hong Kong. Then the next Student Page article talked about the words which have to do with "sugar and sweets". Then I learnt about the benefits of an ND filter in photography but challenged the pricey technology with a HK$4 welding glass with surprising results! Lastly, I shared my own story of learning before I bid The Standard goodbye for my short-lived column.

Image from Google Books
March came and in the first article I agreed that Android will easily beat iOS in terms of market share and popularity and so the inevitable loss of Whatsapp's market share, which we now know this is all true as Apple's share dropped 30% from the highest while Samsung's continuously heads for new height, and Whatsapp rumoured to be selling the company to Facebook. Students always ask which phrasal verbs to learn and I emphasized the importance of Corpus Linguistics in English learning in answering similar questions.
Dr. House has the best quotes of life in English
Image from FOX
In April, I offered answers to a number of mysteries including whether hasmas is really from snow leopard geckos, how cultural differences affect the definition of gestures such as the OK, Hang Ten and the Loser signs as well as the names of several other Hong Kong wet market fish. Then I spared no time and effect in compiling one of the best House M.D. quotes collection on the internet, gaining a hit-rate of 3384 views for this particular article.
The Most Popular Smartphone Ever!
Image from Reuters
May was the month that Samsung become the new Apple by releasing the super duper awesome Galaxy SIII, which we now know has outsold all smartphones ever existed including the iPhone 4, 4S and 5 to date.  Apple, then, disgustingly responded by breaking away from Steve Jobs' personal hatred towards larger smartphones and upping their iPhone's size while claiming that Jobs had the idea in it before he left for heaven. Jobs' legacy? Not! Money makes the mare go. The Bee Gees took the scene as I discovered that their disco song Stayin' Alive actually saves lives! Then Robin Gibbs soon after left our world leaving behind his voice in his greatest songs. This year has been a huge improvement on the level of details in researches, thanks to all my homework from my Master's degree course, and there was my corpus-based analysis of a Whatsapp Group Chat, interesting findings unveiled the common mistakes made by a group of English learners who use Whatsapp to communicate.

The Beginning of My Tutorial Writing Journey
Image from Locky's English Playground
In June, I become a senior member of the XDA-developers forum and released the one and only [TUTORIAL][S3 Imitation] Turning your GS2 to GS2.5 (Updated on 27th August 2012), marking the highest hit rate at 32,924 on the XDA-developers forum to date!!! (Not even including the 977 views of that page on Locky's English Playground) The month ended with another bang when the topic on cuts of pork, beef and lamb got meaty, earning a 5th place in the all-time highest views of 5467 in the English Playground and the highest-viewing Locky's English Playground article of this year.

Family Tree
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When July came, I got to learnt the relations between members of a family tree better, later I shared the techniques of cooking real good-looking scrambled eggs and discussed which oil is better for this dish, and finally, I shared my views on how Galaxyography has helped me become a better photographer as a whole.

Wanna cook really nice steak with a sticky wok?
Image from Locky's English Playground
August was a highly productive month, and mostly focused on topics around medicine and the environment. Personally, I think that learning to use an EpiPen is crucial to saving someone's life, while knowing more about ticks and lyme disease let us maintain good health. The Olympic Games brought back the memory of Nadia Comăneci and her perfect 10.0 videos. Student's request got me to search for easier ways to pronounce wine names in their native languages. Cooking continued and this time on cooking steaks without having a hard time washing up, really cool physics involved in this and so was the post on Fujiwhara Effect VS Li's Force FieldWhale hunts got bloody and I reckon it is my job to speak for the whales. I want to know the names of the giant trees along the streets of Hong Kong so I went searching for them.

Ice Cap Shrinking Horribly Quick
Image from BBC

September continued the science fair and I asked why the sky is blue to discover what Tyndall & Rayleigh Effects are. News on extra-small Arctic ice went viral on the internet and I discovered the shocking truth. Students' questions triggered my intention to write a Q & A post answering their questions on English learning.

Image from JAWS
October was once again science month and in Technology & Opinions: My Views on Android VS iOS, I learnt the difference between various smartphone display technology. Grammar regained my focus when another student asked me about In / At / Of / On / For / From ... Which. Shark Week from Discovery Channel brought me back my best memories of the movie JAWS and I shared how I fell in love with sharks.

Image from The Pepper Seed
Then Mythbusters and Man v. Food programs aroused my interests on finding the types of chili peppers and the best cure in November. In terms of learning new words, there is a post on words which describe body shapeidioms are also abundant in the Mythbusters show and portmanteau is also one of the must-learn items.
Image from Locky's English Playground

December arrived as I answered more questions about the Galaxy Note II in the English Playground as well as on XDA-developers forum. A good friend's visit to Hong Kong allowed me to think through the types of signature local food available in Hong Kong, and begin my journey to search for the best Hong Kong-style French Toast in the city.

I think either the 32,924 or the 5467 views record is really hard to break in 2013, but I hope the quality of the future posts can improve further such that the viewers can learn more knowledge and better English at the same time.

legacy -- (n)[C] money or property that you receive from someone after they die
Money makes the mare go -- (proverb) if you are prepared to pay enough, most people will be willing to do something that at first they said they wouldn't or couldn't do

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