Thursday 29 August 2013

World: Fun Facts We All Should Know -- Part 2 (Viewer Discretion Is Advised)

The Rock
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We often see fake stuff on the internet. One of which I must emphasize its fakeness is this disgusting photo of a woman's breast being infested by some sort of worm-looking thing.

Fake photo on Facebook
Image from Facebook
On that particular Facebook page, it was written in Spanish, "nuevo cáncer de mama", and you can guess its "new breast cancer". There are so many obvious reasons why this is fake.
  1. If this was really real, why would any women allow it to grow until it looks like this? Should have seen a doctor ages ago.
  2. If this was real, why isn't the nipple red, swollen and inflamed? Those lotus seed-like stuff seem to be sitting there comfortably. Where is your immune system woman?!!
  3. A quick search on the internet for Hospital Metropolitano and the hospital website shows nothing.
  4. The words printed on the above image has the words "Diagnóstico Patología Larvática de Lepidóptera", even if you don't use Google Translate you can tell it has something to do with larva -- the worm-form of an insect. There are many kinds of larvae which finds the human body suitable for living, but those who actually live inside the human body, mostly do not have that purple colour. For an extremely horrible but real video, click on this link. You may also want to learn more by revisiting Medical & TV: Scabies, Monsters Inside Me & solutions -- Part 1 and TV & Medical : Monsters Inside Me x House M.D.
  5. Explain to me why the girl below looks so happy after getting the same thing.
Image from the internet
Are you afraid of these photos? If you are, you might have trypophobia. What is it? I'll tell you in the last video.
Okay, next, one of my favourite dinosaurs, the triceratops, is also fake!!! "How come?" You may ask, "I thought the movie Jurassic Park had it?" Well yeah, they did, because they were tricked too.

Steven Spielberg with the triceratop model
Image from fogsmoviereviews

Okay, so the Brontosaurus is also fake.

Alright, this is real! Remember that I have talked about Maglev train two years ago? Yes, that is still the fastest land vehicle, but let's not forget the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.

The DNews video said 267 mph or 429 kph, in fact, 429.695 kph to be exact, which may prove that they may have watched TopGear.

James May mentioned a different number 431kph though, that's because 431kph = 267.811mph. The rounding was what gave the differences.

I told you I had aerophobia once back in 2010 and I also shared some videos on how to cure yourself in that post. I have listed all those phobias below in the vocabulary section. For those who would like to learn more about phobias, check out Wikipedia -- List of Phobias and learn more words.

Are you afraid of anything mentioned above?

Let me know by leaving your comments below.

infest --  (vb)[T] (of animals and insects that carry disease) to cause a problem by being present in large numbers:
swollen -- past tense of swell -- [I or T] to become larger and rounder than usual; to (cause to) increase in size or amount:
larva -- (n)[C] a form of an insect or an animal such as a frog that has left its egg but is not yet completely developed
Coulrophobia -- (n)[U] fear of clowns
Arachnophobia -- (n)[U] fear of spiders
Ophidiophobia -- (n)[U] fear of snakes
Acrophobia -- (n)[U] fear of heights
Automatonophobia -- (n)[U] fear of human lookalike
Pediophobia -- (n)[U] fear of dolls
Trypophobia -- (n)[U] fear of small holes and organic objects
Triskaidekaphobia -- (n)[U] fear of number 13

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