Friday, 22 October 2010

Movie: Supersize Me

I thought I have recommended this movie Supersize Me before, and just as I was writing a follow up on this movie, I realised that I haven't actually done that, so here it is, a documentary of how a healthy man turns into a fatty by eating McDonald's meals 3 times a day.

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There is a super detail review of this movie by Red Pub Magazine, so, I suppose I don't have to say much about it. If you are interested, you can read it here.

To watch this movie, you don't need to buy a DVD, but of course, it would be great with transcript. So, here it is!

Supersize Me movie transcript by Script-o-rama

Now, with the transcript, you can watch your movie, here!

Enjoy! Since I am recommending two things today, I will take my Monday off, unless I found something really interesting to write.

I have created a simple exercise here for you guys to do. It is very easy, many too easy for most of you, but it can be kept as a record of your knowledge. All the answers can be found in the introduction of the movie.

1.         Name the restaurants in the children’s song. (0:32)
                       i.              __________________
                     ii.              __________________
                   iii.              __________________

2.         Which is the fattest nation in the world? _________________

3.         From the movie, which 2 words are worse than the word “fat”?
        a)     overweight
        b)     serious
        c)     obese
        d)     supersize

4.         More than _____________% of all US adults are too fat.

5.         Which is the fattest state in America?
                       i.              Mississippi
                     ii.              West Virginia
                   iii.              Ohio
                    iv.              Utah

6.         How old and how heavy were the two girls who sue McDonald’s?
                       i.              ________ yr old – ___________ pounds
                     ii.              ________ yr old – ___________ pounds

7.         McDonald’s feeds _______ million people a day, more than the population of ________________

8.         McDonald’s are everywhere, even in _______________

9.         How many days will Morgan eat McDonald’s?  __________


Supersize Me movie:

Supersize Me movie transcript by Script-o-rama

Supersize Me movie review