Friday, 22 October 2010

Technology: Masking Your Ads on Office 2010

For those of you who bought your computer or laptop that comes with Windows 7, you don't need to be bothered by the dual-booting setup that I was previously talking about. And you have one more advantage over people who need to install Windows 7 by themselves, and that is, you probably have free Microsoft Office 2010 Starter that comes with the package. But let's not be too excited by this, because it is not a fully-functional version, it does allow you to read and save, but has an annoying button which you need to press every time you want to edit a file. Plus, there is a distracting advertisement box on the bottom right corner of the panel, so every time you were trying to stay focus and think about what you want to write, this ad keeps flashing and reminding you that you should pay to use the full version.

Microsoft Office 2010 Starter
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Some people might go to some computer centre, pay $40 for a pirated Office 2010 and the problem is solved, but for those who want to save some cash, is there another way? Since we are still waiting for someone to crack this problem, we have to look for other solutions.

Well, I might just have one you might like to try. It is easy and effective!

"If you can't remove it, cover it! Like mascara on scars" -- Locky

Basically, Windows 7 comes with Windows Media Player 13, the mascara, which you can choose to run the miniature version, the version is so small that it is just big enough to cover that annoying flashing ad, the scar.

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Run it, play your favourite song or just play it and then mute it, place it over the ad, and the last thing you need to do is set the player "Always Show Now Playing on top", to do that, Right click on the Windows Media Player screen and check Always show Now Playing on top.

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$40 saved! Ka-ching!

HW: what is the meaning of "Ka-ching!"?