Monday, 9 March 2009

Book: The Return of Depression Economics and the Crisis of 2008 by Paul Krugman

Have you ever felt excited about the release of a book?

Has your heart ever beaten faster when you are heading to the bookshop because of this book?

And have you ever cried out "YES!" the moment you have finally got this book?

I have, many times also, and every time it just gets more and more intense! If you also love reading like me and are gagging for the knowledge inside, you are on my "Hopeful students' list" (I hope you are reading English books of course).

This book I would like to recommend is written by Paul Krugman, the Nobel Prize Winner in Economics, called 'The Return of Depression Economics and the Crisis of 2008".

I recommend this book because Mr Krugman mentioned right from the introduction that he is writing a book not for PDH to read but for anyone who is interested in knowing more about Economics, and after reading half of this great book I really think he has made Economics into a subject that almost everybody can understand. I love his ingenious way of using a Baby-sitting company as an example to demonstrate different economical systems and how the world reacted in solving the problems of this baby-sitting company. It IS really Economics-made-simple!

Mr Krugman not only covers the formation of the financial crisis 2008 in USA, but also other regions that once showed signs of developing such financial crisis in the past, which includes Mexico, Argentina and most importantly, Hong Kong!!! If you would like to know what this 2008 Nobel Prize Winner has to say about the Hong Kong's economy, you must get this book!

I have to admit that I only got to know Mr Krugman after he has won the Nobel Prize, but learning is never a matter of early or late. I went online to search for all his videos and I still keep updating myself with the latest ones today -- I have now become a Krugman-chaser! There are other Nobel Prize Winners of course, but for me to know Mr Krugman at the time I find interest in Economics is a kind of fate also. I will continue to learn from him and hopefully one day I will learn enough to raise some intelligent questions to ask him.

A good teacher ought to be a good student at all time. -- Locky

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