Wednesday, 4 June 2014

TV: Watch Free American TV Online

Image from Cucirca
Always busy on Mondays and Tuesdays these days, and will continue to be for another 5 weeks as I have to prepare lecture notes for a university course I am teaching. So on Wednesdays, I want to chill out a bit and watch a bit of TV before I head back to working on my PhD project.

Every Thursday and Friday, my wife and I love to sit on the sofa and watch Gordon Ramsey and co. testing their contestants on MasterChef Season 3, but sometimes we missed it for one reason or another. Do you want to catch what you have missed too? Now I have a way!

Cucirca offers quite a number of good TV programmes, feel free to go and find the ones you like.

Image from Cucirca
The instructions to viewing is pretty direct, just find the show, click on the episode you want,

Image from Cucirca
then click the cross at the top right corner to close the ad ( I use Chrome with AdBlock so the ads don't show),

Image from Cucirca
click on "Continue to File",

Image from Cucirca

press play and start watching! The quality is real good too!

What you don't get, are the subtitle and to watch this on a Samsung Smart TV. I've tried it, it just keeps going to an ad website. I think Samsung really need to improve its web browser functionalities, otherwise, it will just be another dumb TV.


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