Thursday 6 August 2009

Message: Irony in Life

Before the end of the academic year 08-09, I received high praises for my performance in teaching in a secondary school. In just 4-months' spell as an Native English teacher, I would say both the panel and the principal were more than happy to have me back. I even received words of reassurance from the principal herself, saying that, "We must have you back next academic year! If not, we will cancel all courses at your agency (which means the agency will lose all business of this school)." There is definitely no higher praise than this! It is definitely a boost to my confidence.

It was a joy to behold but I kept my cool because I knew things wouldn't be so smooth in life and yesterday, I was proven to be right.

The school came back to me with a new contract. Like the previous one, summer holiday like August I shall receive no pay. Unlike the previous one, it is paid on a day-to-day basis instead of a monthly salary. The most unbelievable of all, I actually get a pay cut instead of a pay rise!!!

The calculation sounds pretty good at first glance, when they tell you that average pay per day is higher and the total working days is 164 this year instead of 175 last year, but for a contract of 10-months, even if I use the number of working days given to do the calculation, I actually receive $14.29 less per day this coming year as compared to the previous year! Which is a total of $3900 less for the entire contract!!!

This is what I mean, "ridiculous"!

I can give you many more words to describe the same situation, like "pathetic", "unacceptable", "ludicrous"!

Do you think I will accept this contract? The answer is "Over my dead body!"

Everything comes with a price. Even the staff of the HK Immigration Department, the HK Police, New World First Bus and Watsons have been striving for a better remuneration, not to mention a teacher loves the students who teaches with heart and passion, and possesses calibre! But before I can even ask for an increase, I get a pay cut!!!

So what if I am not signing this contract? The answer is quick to see, my agency posted the job up for someone else who is willing to do.

This is a cruel world! And in the past, I will definitely say, "Life sucks!" But now, I won't. I have grown to accept this as the fact and I will stand aside to laugh at this irony while I enjoy my teaching in every class.

I always believe that "Good wine needs no bush", meaning that if you have the quality, there will always be a market for you.

Let's work hard, guys!

(If you do not know the meanings of the word, then you should check the dictionary)