Monday, 4 April 2011

Message: Being Happy and Love to Japan

I thought I could find the time to make buttons for the different layouts for the English Playground, update the Hong Kong slang page, do this and that, but it turns out that I could only use the time to let myself go and temporarily get away from the intense pressure and misery. Sorry for all these personal messages you get from me these days instead of something interesting to learn. I am not planning to stop my research learning or keeping posting personal messages every week, but in a way, I think a do need a little time to recover and regain my energy before I start fresh and energised. For now, I still need a little more time to rest.

To help myself regain my mojo, I have devoted more time on a few things: 
  1. charity (as recommended by a dear friend of mine), 
  2. investment (I have always been devoted, but just more devoted than before)
  3. football with dear friends and students,
  4. photography, cameras and lenses, and of course,
  5. teaching (since teaching is what makes me happy)
Blogging here is part of the teaching, so don't worry, I will keep going!

Maybe I can start by telling you a charity event which took place yesterday.

As you may remember that I have recommended the restaurant Sapporo a couple of times and the owner is also my student. In view of the tragedy happened in Japan recently, she decided to offer her help by generously offering one Sunday's revenue of her restaurant as a donation to World Vision Hong Kong. It was indeed a very noble act and I showed my support by visiting her restaurant for the great food with a couple other students and my sister after I finished playing football with my dear friends. We had great food, great fun and great photos, the song Imagine by John Lennon which I recommended, There was a donation box in front of the cashier and both Japanese and Hong Kong citizens were dining and donating generously! It was  a full house throughout the day as people flocked to the restaurant to support. Families and kids, lovers and long-term customers, it was filled with love.
Sapporo X World Vision, English wordings by Locky
If I had more time, I would have helped in the promotion here on this English Playground. But you can always help by visiting different charities such as Red Cross and World Vision and make online donations!

Let the world be filled with LOVE!!! 

let yourself go -- to relax completely and enjoy yourself
energise -- (vb)[T] to make someone feel energetic or eager
mojo --  [U] informal a quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy
noble -- (adj) moral in an honest, brave and not selfish way
full house -- (n) [C usually singular] when every seat in a cinema/theatre/concert, etc. is filled

World Vision Hong Kong

Food and Restaurant: Sapporo @ Sai Wan Ho (2nd & 3rd Revisits) @ Locky's English Playground

Song: Imagine -- John Lennon @ Locky's English Playground