Tuesday 15 July 2014

Auto & News: Hong Kong Tesla Model S Official Deliveries!!!

Invitation to the First HK Model S Deliveries
Image from markwj
On the Tesla Motors Club forum I received a great news that the Tesla Model S is finally arriving in Hong Kong on the 23rd July!! There will be an opening event in which the first Hong Kong Model S is to be delivered to the first customer! Whether Elon Musk will be here in Hong Kong for the grand opening I have no idea. Rumour has it that he will not, but I am hoping that he still comes.

Kai Tak Cruise Harbour
Image from DITB
It is expected that the first supercharger will also be the location of the event, which is unknown at the moment, but rumour also has it that it will be at the Cruise Harbour at Kai Tak, Kowloon.

11/F Hopewell Centre, Wanchai
Image from sonywong

What is definitely true is that Hopewell will continue to support Tesla and that they are upgrading the 11/F parking lot in Hopewell Centre in Wanchai,

Image from Hopewell
and it is likely that they will continue to offer Tesla 6 hours free parking and supercharging! This is a win-win situation as people like me never visit Hopewell thus I never spend money there. Soon, I will be going there once a week for charging and possibly yum cha as well. Gotta love this company!

My sweet baby girl Muse @ Facebook
Image from Locky's English Playground
That being said, I do not think I am being invited for this supercharger opening-cum-first Model S event, since I have not received an invitation till now. It is a pity, as I was planning to bring along my baby in her Tesla onesie, a gift from my sweet sister (Thank you!), to support Tesla and make her the first baby reporter ever at the event!

Well, never mind, I can always make a video when my baby's Model S arrive, yes, it is gonna be her car.

And so for now, what I can do is to re-show you the video I have made for my most recent test drive.

Rumour also has it that the production cars have been once again delayed till October, well, I am a patient man so I am fine with that.

--- Updated 16th July 2014 ---

Not long after I posted this post, I got the email invitation! They read my blog post?

Image from Locky's English Playground
By my wife now says it is not an event for babies and so I shouldn't take baby Muse there....sad....

--- Updated 18th July 2014 ---

Check this out!!!
Superchargers at Kai Tak Cruise Harbour
Photo by River Leung

onesie -- (n)[C] or an infant bodysuit is a garment designed to be worn by infants much like a T-shirt; they are distinguished from T-shirts by an extension below the waist, with snaps or Velcro that allow it to be closed over the crotch.

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Hopewell Centre

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