Thursday 3 April 2014

Animals & Opinion: Whaling Is For Morons! (Same Goes For All Unsustainable Hunting!)

A January 2013 image from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society shows three minke whales on the deck of a Japanese boat in the Southern Ocean. Credit Tim Watters/Sea Shepherd Australia, via European Pressphoto Agency
Image from New York Times
Whaling is for morons! Same goes for all unsustainable hunting!

Why do I say that, because whale-watching in the wild generates more profit than killing them, the same goes for shark-finning, dolphin slaughtering and mantas killing.

Whale-watching VS Whale-slaughtering, which do you prefer?
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The math is simple, when they are not killed, they can be of a bigger number, and a bigger number means that it is easier for the whale-watching tours to find, thus the less fuel, time and in turn money is needed. Since the number of people who are interested in whale-watching and are willing to pay up for distant sea mammals viewing keeps growing and growing, (according to Discovery News, some 13 million eco-tourists fueled the $2-billion industry in 2009!! And whale tourism could add more than $400 million and 5,700 jobs to the global economy each year!!!) the more whales there are in the ocean, the quicker one can satisfy the tourists' whim and so the more tourists they can serve per day, thus increasing profit. But if they decide to kill them all, then sorry, eventually, they will be left with no whales, no job and no money, but lots of hatred from those whale-watchers and conservationists.

Which is why I said, if they can't do the math, then they are all morons!!! Don't care what their 'tradition' card is, because if their traditions are all about making them less rich illegally than they could have been legally, they are still idiots!!

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moron -- (n)[C] informal  a very stupid person:
hatred -- (n)[U] an extremely strong feeling of dislike:

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