Saturday 20 June 2009

Idioms: Grey (with the Simpsons)

As a follow-up post of the previous Vocabulary: Parallel Import / Grey Product, I would like to share the idioms of the word Grey with you.

Why grey?

Apart from the colour itself, such as "grey hair", "grey sky", "grey clouds", "grey shirt", it also shows the mood that it creates. Let's read what Homer and Bart have to say about a new they saw on TV:

Homer: "Overbite Ton(y)'s court case is looking grey, so grey (when a situation is not looking good)!"

Homer: "It's the same court day after day, it's so grey (something is dull and boring)!"

Bart: "But the newspaper today describe Nina and Tony's relationship as one of an empress and a eunuch/ˈjuːnək/, that's not grey, that's new!"

Homer: "He's a éminence grise (someone without an official position who has power or influence over rulers or people who make decisions) for sure! A person with a mouse's grey matter (slang. a person's intelligence) can see that! Or Should I say, even Ned can see that!! Ha ha!!"

Bart: "Poor Nina, hard-earned grey pound (the money which all old people as a group have available to spend) is now the eunuch to spend."

Homer: "Na, there are still shades of grey (chances of uncertainty). Even if the law has a lot of grey areas (a situation which is not clear or where the rules are not known), I'm sure that JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED!! AND THE MONEY WILL GO INTO MY ACCOUNT AND I CAN BUY BEER, BEER AND MORE BEER!!! WHOOOOWHOOOO!!!!!!"

Bart: "Mum~~! Time to lock the fridge!"


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