Tuesday 15 October 2013

Science & Technology: Fun Facts About Electric Cars We All Should Know

Tesla Roadster, predecessor of Model S, now out of production
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How Electric Cars Work
Image from Tesla
Well, here's a video that tells the secret.

Yup, just laptop batteries, 6831 lithium ion batteries in the older Roadster model and about 8000 in the S model.

How Much Horsepower Can An Electric Car Produce?

Many had doubted the technology of electric cars, some still do even today, but Tesla has proven that electric cars can be as powerful as traditional petrol and diesel cars.

Wikipedia lists the horsepower of Tesla Roadster models ranging from 248hp to 288hp, while the Tesla S series possesses 302hp to 416hp. Stats are stats, how about the real thing?

What Is The Fastest Electric Car In The World?
Image from Mail Online
On June 21st 2013, Nissan's ZEOD RC claims to be the fastest racing car in the world that is capable of a top speed of 185mph. But offcial videos and road tests are absent. According to the plan, Nissan will race the ZEOD RC in the world's toughest race - the Le Mans 24 hours in 2014, which means, we still can't tell whether this is the world's fastest electric car or not.

What Is The Fastest Electric Production Car In The World?

On April 3rd 2013, Detroit Electric SP:01 claims to be the fastest electric car in the world reaching top speed at 155mph, beating the fastest Tesla S by 25mph, but, same as the ZEOD RC, there has yet to be any actual video and road tests available.

That means, Tesla S is still the fastest production electric car in the world.

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