Saturday 10 March 2012

Technology: The new iPad, Blessing or Curse?

"Today we are announcing the new iPad and it is amazing!" -- Tim Cooks
Image from technologyreview
Apple's Tim Cooks announced "iPad 3" "The new iPad" on the 8th March, 2012 to celebrate the birthday of Locky's English Playground, International Women's Day,  the end of "iPad + number" naming system.

And here is what you all have been waiting for!!!!! The new iPad!!!!!

"Today, we are announcing the new iPad and it is amazing!" -- Tim Cooks

This is great, isn't it? But I'm afraid this is not what you get.

What will you get?

I tried so hard to find the full-length conference on YouTube and there was almost none! Netizens cut off Tim Cooks as quickly as possible and moved on to the specification part, which reflects how the public think about the performance of Tim Cook's speech.

But Locky is good at researching, so here's what I've found. (Start from 8:17)

Tim Cooks said, "Today, we are announcing the new iPad and it is amazing!" I don't remember Steve Jobs using such a word when he announced the revolutionary iPad, and he didn't! (Start from 5:38)

What does that mean? I think fans and English Players of this Playground knows the meaning of "Good wine needs no bush" by William Shakespeare as I have used it several times, it means that if the iPad 3 the new iPad is really good enough, you don't need to say it is "AMAZING" by yourself, the public will say so. If you are not bored to death by Tim Cooks' speech, go on and watch the Part 3,4,... and you will be sick of the word "AMAZING" forever!!

Okay, let's move away from the speech, how about the specifications?

  1. 2048x1536  Retina screen resolution 
  2. A5X faster processor
  3. Support 4G LTE
  4. 5-megapixel camera 
  5. weighs 650g, 51g heavier and thicker than iPad 2 and the new Toshiba tablet.

What do the Californian public think about the iPad 3 the new iPad?

Is it a blessing or a curse? For consumers, of course it is a blessing, technology always goes forward, no one looks back, if you are still engaging in the old PC ICQ, you are not wrong, but you are out.

But for the web designers and programmers, this is a curse!!!

Image from technologyreview
Image from technologyreview
What they mean is, because of the increase of resolution, they will need to make their photo images so clear and so big in sizes such that you won't be upset with the lousy quality images when using the iPad 3 the new iPad. And that could mean, 16Gb isn't going to be enough.

Those who are thinking about touting the new product, 16Gb may not be the good choice this time round.

good wine needs no bush -- (proverb) sth or sb with quality does not need any hard sell.
revolutionary -- (adj) involved in or relating to a revolution
tout -- (vb) [T] UK (US scalpto sell tickets for something such as a sports game or theatre performance unofficially, usually at a much higher price than the official price

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