Sunday 17 June 2012

Technology: HOLY SMOKE!!! Galaxy SIII As A PC???!!!

Sorry guys, can't wait till Monday to share this holy goodness with you all!!!

Another reason to get an Android phone instead of an iPhone on top of what Zedomax has said in my previous entry, Message: Becoming Senior Members of XDA-developers!!! is what you are about to see below.

Open your eyes wide guys!!! Cos XDA Senior Member NZtechfreak will now show you how to turn your Galaxy SIII into a PC, a gaming centre, a audio and video station.

I am definitely not a gamer, but I want to be able to play YouTube or movies on my LCD TV without connecting it to my PC because my PC isn't as mobile as my smartphone. For this, if I want to sit on my couch from a distance and not want to walk to my Galaxy SIII all the time, I just need to buy a power hub, a keyboard for Android and a wireless mouse like NZtechfreak did in the video.

If you want to watch HD videos then you will need an Samsung HDTV connector.

For gamers, you don't even need to buy an Xbox 360 to play some of the cool games, save you a lot of money!!! All you need is buy an extra PS3 controller.

What if you have a Galaxy Note? Well, you can still do most of what SIII can do!

For S2? No such luck, at most it can be used as a USB On-The-Go storage.

Maybe this will give me a reason to preorder my SIII in blue, which I still haven't done so. But I am still so in love with my SII. Not sure when I will be willing to pour that HK$5,598.

By the way, to play Xbox 360 games, you will first need this, the Xbox 360 Emulator,

Xbox 360 emulator
You can download it here:

After that, you just need to download the Xbox 360 ROMs, which you can find on the internet.


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