Friday 5 November 2010

Technology: My First Micro Four Third Camera -- Olympus PEN E-PL1

Oops, so I haven't talked about the camera I eventually bought and I've just realised that! You think I bought the Canon S90 like I said before? Then you are wrong. I didn't. Which one did I get? Well, this one, the Olympus PEN E-PL1 Micro Four Third camera!!

My very own Olympus
How good is this camera? Let's see what Kai has to say.

Words and expressions you should be able to hear from the video:

  1. Guinness World Record 
  2. highest population density
  3. it's like sardine in a tin (simile)
  4. art filters
  5. stealthy
  6. grannies
  7. succession of shoots
  8. a tad slow
  9. like a beautiful who likes picking her nose
  10. compact dimension
  11. pop-up flash
  12. street photography
  13. paedophile
  14. terrorist
  15. shuttle sound is next to silent
  16. DSLR
  17. handy HD movie mode
  18. magnifying
Test yourself to see how many words these words you can hear! Shouldn't be that difficult.

I got it in Broadway store for less than $5000 and I love it! Everything is good about this camera, especially the image quality, it is definitely something I have been long waited for. But the only problem it has is I can't use auto mode in dark dark night, and maybe I haven't memorised the whole instruction booklet, but I can't even force flash when I can't focus, which means I can only use flash when I can focus, but the problem is, I can't focus because it was too dark! And this happened on the Halloween Bash night. Looks like I have to read the instructions again. 

Other than that, it was great, at a great price!


stealthy -- (adj) of movement which is quiet and careful in order not to be seen or heard, or secret action
paedophile (US pedophile-- (n)[C] a person, especially a man, who is sexually interested in children
terrorist -- (n) [C] someone who uses violent action, or threats of violent action, for political purposes


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