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Travelling and Living: Locky's Top 10 Food & Drinks in Singapore

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Hello guys! Still very busy and I am still trying to find time to answer your grammar questions, so hope you don't mind.

Hope you have read "Travelling and Living: Locky's Top 10 Photo Shooting Places in Singapore", coz we are going to talk about dining this time. If you have some ideas where I have introduced in the earlier article, it would be of great help in terms of knowing where the food might be.

Actually, this is going to be a very difficult page to write, because I have to gain a balance between the types of food as well as the taste. The price also matters. Anyway, I will try my best.

We will still need the map.
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Locky's Top 10 Food & Drinks in Singapore

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  1. Fresh Sugar Cane Juice with Lime (Anywhere in Singapore)
  2. Before  you eat, you must wet your mouth a little, so there is nothing better than a glass of iced, freshly extracted sugar cane juice. I like it with a squeeze of lime usually, but you can also do without it. It is sold in almost every food court (or hawker centre as the locals call it). The container is usually large beer glass, which is not elegant, but large volume is almost promised.

    Image from Rice Cake Confessional

  3. Roti Prata with or without Curry (Anywhere in Singapore)

  4. You know I am a curry lover, so the curry in Singapore isn't very special in my opinion. That doesn't mean that the curry isn't nice though. I am just saying that I can find the curry I like in Hong Kong, which I will possibly recommend in the future. But not now. The focus here is the roti prata, and I have never found any roti prata coming close to the quality of it in Singapore! The flakiness, the chewiness, and most importantly, the temperature, make the roti prata just always taste better! You might be sitting down by the side of the road or in a stuffy hot hawker centre, and your back in sweating like dog, but ...maybe it's due to the hot weather in Singapore... the roti prata is always hot the moment you put it into your mouth. Nice~! They come in a few taste, original, butter, garlic, buttter and garlic. They all taste great!

    Image from Aroma Cookery

  5. Nasi Biryani (Indian stores of any food court)

  6. Rice, rice, rice! Indian rice! I love that filling feeling of rice in my stomach, and this colourful Indian rice with chicken, mutton, vegetables or fish always saves the day! Personally, I like mutton, but chicken leg is a safer choice as the mutton is often too dry and too hard. It is served both with or without curry, mostly your own preference, and it almost always has a piece of banana leaf at the bottom of the plate. Just for decoration sake really, because the taste of the leaf will not be released until you bake them, which is never done in this case.

    Image from ST Reader's Choice

  7. Bak Kut Teh (Try your luck)

  8. After the rice, have a sip of the famous Singapore Bak Kut Teh, a soup made from pork ribs and Chinese herbs. The smell of the soup is usually so strong that you know you can find it before you actually see it. Whether it tastes good or not, you need to try your luck. Since there aren't too many choices of soup in Singapore, the store owners usually cook this soup well.

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  9. Laksa (Almost every food court)
  10. A little hot, a little spicy,  but extremely rich in coconut milk. Crunchy bean sprouts, fish cakes, shrimps, tofu puffs and the most symbolic of all, (blood) cockles / blood clams. Never disappointing anywhere you have this in Singapore.  The most important thing is, hot, hot and hot! If the soup isn't hot, you have found a bad store!

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  11. Barbecued Stingray (Try your luck)

  12. Oh boy! Oh boy! I should have put this to be the number one! How could I have missed this? This fish may not look too pretty, and I suppose many Australians dislike it, but the taste is just simply irresistible! Hold on! I'm not saying that it will taste good no matter how you cook it! You MUST have Sambal Chili sauce applied on top of the fish and then have it rolled up with banana leaf before you put it over the fire! Lime to push the taste of this dish to the max!

    Image from Khairul Today

  13. Teh Tarik (Almost everywhere)

  14. Available in every food court and cafe,  this "pulled tea" is not only good to taste, but also nice to watch. Made from black tea and condensed milk, most evaporated-milk fans do not fancy this taste, but if you have nothing against condensed milk, give it a try! You might even see locals drinking it from a plastic bag or from a condensed milk cans with a string!!!

      Photo from Sixth Seal
  15. Hainanese Chicken Rice (Try your luck)

  16. After the soup, now rice again! Singapore is well-known for its Hainanese Chicken Rice. Despite the name refers to Hainan China, Singaporeans consider this dish as their very own. The presentation of this dish differs from place to place, but a Singaporean Hainanese Chicken Rice must consist of chicken, chicken oil steamed rice, cucumber slices, chili sauce and dark soya sauce. The taste ... mostly average, but you do find surprises occasionally.  In Hong Kong, you can have a taste of this dish too! Tsim Sha Tsui and Cityplaza's Food Republic is owned by a Singapore company.


    Photo from Yebber Singapore

  17. D24 Durian (As long as you can find)

  18. Durian lovers never miss their chances, and neither do I. Singapore's D24 durians come in top 3 positions of my must-eat-fruits list (only after Thailand's durians and Thailand's Nam Dok Mai mangoes). If you like durian, I guess you don't need me to tell you more about D24. Hm..... maybe I can write another entry on durian next time!!! Great idea!!!

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  19. Black Pepper Crab (Try your luck)

  20. Frankly speaking, I am not a crab person, but Singapore's black pepper crab is so famous for a reason. And if you want to understand why, you have to try it for yourself. One thing is for sure, they are really really fresh! 

Other famous dishes which are not my favourite: Char Kway Teow, Chwee Kway, Ais Kacang....

Enjoy your trip to Singapore, people!