Friday 11 April 2014

Technology & News: How To Keep Reading SCMP Without Paying?

No Fish In An Empty Dish
Image from SCMP
Annoying man with no fish in an empty dish telling you to pay up if you want to read more from SCMP. In a world which every bit of news is free except SCMP, how can I read its news for free? Here's my guide!!!

1. Go to a coffee shop.

Image from 9cloudsacademy
I have seen people in Pacific Coffee actually cutting out the Pacific Coffee coupons to get a free cup of Pacific Coffee coffee.

2. Borrow it from a friend / colleague.

OMG!!! Big News!!
Image from thezooom
These news never get old.

3. Read those ordered by your company.

Image from guim
It's completely free, and you might be able to take home a tonne of old papers and sell.

4. Ask someone who has subscribed to it online for their login and password.

Username is 'username', Password is 'password'
Image from dw
If they don't mind sharing their their username being 'username' and password being 'password' to you.

5. Go to your browser and clear the cookies!!!

Image form laughingsquid
This works, but you will have to reenter all logins and passwords.

6. Use Chrome's Incognito Window to bypass it!!!!!!!

Keep repeating this step when you have no more articles to read
Image from HongWrong
According to HongWrong,

"To bypass this limit, simply open in an ‘incognito window’ in Google’s Chrome browser. Again, you will be limited to just four articles, but you can reset this by closing the window and re-opening another incognito window…"


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