Monday 30 August 2010

Message: School Starts This Week

Hey guys, thank you all for visiting this blog often......

(Locky sees a hand from a reader, he takes that reader's question...)

Actually, Q & A section is at the end, but anyway, I'll answer this question first.
The question is, "do I know who has read my blog?" 
Well, I don't.

(Another question comes)

"Then how do I know people are reading my blog?" 
They told me so, and I highly recommend you to leave a comment below the post if you have any interesting questions in mind, so that I can also have new ideas when I write the next entry.

(Another question)

"Why am I putting up this entry?"
Thanks for asking, this is exactly what I want to say. Since this week is the start of the Master course, I doubt that I would be able to write detail entries that normally take hours to write. Things will be kept short from now on, but I promise the future entries will still be fun and informative, with fun coming first. It will just be the lite version, and I will still write 3 times a week. This might be a good news for those who hate my long-winded articles.

(Another question)

"Is this message counted as one entry?"
No, I will still write something tomorrow, Tuesday. Just that I have used up all my time today doing revision, the Monday entry will be postponed to Tuesday. For this week only.