Friday 21 January 2011

Academic Research: The Use of Comic Strip in Writing in Hong Kong Adult ESL Learners



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The Use of Comic Strip in Writing in Hong Kong Adult ESL Learners
Law, Locky

Adult Education, Adult Learning, Comics, Comic Strips, Learning Theories, Writing, Learning Experience



Abstract:Comics and comic strips have long been used as media of teaching, but in the context of ESL, studies have focused on speaking and reading and not writing. Researches on the use of comic strips in adult ESL writing lessons are scarce, if not non‐existed. This paper presents the findings of a case study on the use of comic strips in two adult ESL writing lessons in Hong Kong. Data analysis shows that the use of comic strips in such context is feasible and would receive popularity if certain criteria are met. Learners showed appreciation for the mnemonic property of comic strips in assisting them learn new words.

Key findings revealed
  1. a direct relation between the level of enjoyment and the level of inspiration of a comic,
  2. learners' ability to use personification is directly related to their view of suitability of using comic in writing,
  3. lower level English learners do not find peer writing or group discussion useful,
  4. lower level English learners have difficulties relating the acquired knowledge in the activity back to their daily life,
  5. lower level English learners are less adventurous in experimenting new ideas or/and new sentence structures,
  6. grammar‐translation method still has big impact on HK adult ESL learners,
  7. grammar acts as an opposing force to creativity for lower level English learners

For those of you who would like to read academic papers written by me. Hope this will be useful for those of you researching in related areas as well.

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