Friday 3 June 2011

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Culture: Italian Popular Gestures

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Learning a language is not enough to simply learn the words, one must learn about the culture in order to be truly masterful in the language.

You might not be interested in Italian, but here I take Italian as an example, because in Italy, using gestures (i gesti) is as important as using spoken words. From the above image, you can see the importance of gestures in the Italian way of non-verbal communications.

Interestingly, in football, there are also lots of gestures. Below I have included some photos, see if you can figure out what they mean.

"Please!!!!" by Christian Vieri
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"Louder!" by Roberto Baggio
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"You are no good!" by Francesco Totti
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"I don't care!" by Luca Toni
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Okay, let's see some videos:

Have fun learning!

Italian Hand Gestures PART 1 @ YouTube

Italian Hand Gestures & Expressions PART 2 @ YouTube