Tuesday 10 July 2012

Technology & News: Free Apps To Recommend Part 4

Image from Google Play
Some people will say they like the iPhones because iOS is easy to use and Android is difficult. Well, actually no. On average, you need to press more buttons on the iOS than on Android to perform the same task, like switching on Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and the worst, your 3G Data. However, if you insist that the iPhones are better in terms of interface, there is still no reason for you not to use Android, because on Android, you can customise your screen to look exactly like the iPhone. Using iPhone 4S Screen app, you can switch the Android default screen to iOS screen.
Image from Google Play
You might be thinking, why would anyone do such a thing? If they are iPhone die-hard fans/friends, they wouldn't even try Android. True, but this is a good way to show your friends that Android can do whatever iPhone can do by offering much simpler and more! And you can use this to trick your friend by purposely flashing this iOS screen on your Android devices. Sweet!

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If you are playing with Google Latitude, which is the best location sharing app ever, but you are slightly worried about the increase in the use of data or battery because of the constant update, you can try this app called Backitude. With this app, you can add tens of settings to customize your Google Latitude updates according to your needs.

One of the best features is that your location can be updated without using extra data by stealing location information from other apps that you are using, thus saving on the battery needed to connect and retrieve your location again.

Very smart indeed!

Image from Google Play
If you want something just as smart, you have the Smart Screen Off Lite. Basically what it does is, if you don't want to press the lock/unlock button again and again but you want to screen to switch itself off automatically to save battery, this app will cleverly handle all that for you. Take a look at the video below.

There is a sister app called Smart Screen On as well, if you want to give it go too, but I think the Smart Screen Off app is more useful.

Image from Google Play

Last but not least, most Android phones already come with a Blacklist function, but if your blacklist isn't working too well or you want a bit more functions added, you can try gX Blacklist

That's all for my recommendation today! See you tomorrow!

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