Friday 5 October 2012

Technology & Opinions: My Views on Android VS iOS

Android vs Apple
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I used to have a strong stand as to why Android is better than iOS, and why Android devices are better than the Apple devices. I used to think people should all switch to Android devices, but now I'm happy to say, I no longer think the same. I have learnt to appreciate Apple more and the importance of having Apple in the smartphone industry. That doesn't mean I have switched away from Android or Samsung, I will still choose Android or Samsung over iOS or iDevices, but good things must be appreciated, and here's my new perspective in this technological smart mobile tug-of-war.

"People see what they want to see." -- Gregory House M.D.

If you remember that in an earlier article, I posted a video of Americans actually given an iPhone 4S while being told it was an iPhone 5 subconsciously thought the "new" phone was better, lighter and faster.

Some may think that is really funny to watch, but being capable of implanting this idea in so many people's heads, Apple had to do some miraculous marketing in order to reach this level of mindset altering. Creating Halo Effect is easier said than done, but Apple managed to achieve this with immense success.

The iPhone 5 has been mocked by many as being nothing special but longer and harder; the Apple Map was so terribly inaccurate that Tim Cook has to publicly apologise;

the design cannot be distinguished even if I look at the 4S and the 5 side by side, I even think the longer-yet-not-wider iPhone 5 looks laughable,
Which is 4S and which is 5? No cheating with the connectors!!!
Image from Locky's English Playground
but undeniably, the iPhone 5 has improved its toughness by a dozen times making this even-thinner (but not the world's thinnest as claimed, because the Motorola RAZR XT909, the Motorola DROID RAZR and the Motorola RAZR XT910 are the world's thinnest at 7.1mm) iPhone highly drop-and-scratch resistant. From a hardware design's perspective, this is truly game-changing! Even if the HTC Evo 4G can match with the toughness of the shell, it too cannot match iPhone 5's hardness of the glass and its slimness. Fighting back from the defeat by the Galaxy S2, iPhone 5 has really surprised me this time round!

Image from Tat Fung
The box of iPhone 5 is the best iPhone box design since iPhone! I have always disliked the earlier versions of box design, so dull, so flat, the phone's so over-enlarged, so non-minimalist, but I really like the iPhone 5 box this time as we finally see the entire phone at an angle, the shading, and the larger white background, truly minimalist for the post-Steve Jobs iPhone. Two thumbs up!

Good points must be credited.

Sharp's new 443 ppi 5-inch smartphone displays on show at CEATEC 2012
Image and caption from Engadget
Wait, am I being stingy with my praises for the Super HD Retina Display (326 ppi)? Why didn't I mention it? Well, that's because the Retina display is actually manufactured by Sharp, a well-known Japanese company, which just showcased their own 443ppi 5-inch smartphone and their 498ppi 6.1 inch panel at the CEATEC annual trade show in Japan 4 days ago. iPhone 5 was the sharpest smartphone for about a week, but it is not the sharpest any more. In this case, Sharp takes the credit.

Plus, does that mean the iPhone 5 display is better than HTC ONE X or the Samsung Galaxy S3? Well, it really depends on your requirement. XDA Developer TV Erica has a very very detailed comparison video of the screen technologies of these devices, listing out all the strengths and weaknesses of all the displays. A video highly recommended!!

She definitely gave 100 times more information than I did in my article, Technology: Phabletious!! Samsung Galaxy Note II.

But at the end of the day, why do I still choose Android over iOS? I'll reserve my answer for a little longer, but XDA Senior member Zedomax has some of my keys reasons (from 3:50) for liking Android much more. 

And here's my answer now.

If you like giving more than taking or if you are someone who long for freedom, you will naturally like Android because Google Android allows sharing and the freedom of making changes as most of the codes are open-sourced. Everybody can own a copy of the software code and modify it, change it, make it fit your personally needs.

Various Themes for Android devices, install as apps
Image from Google
We Android users need not know anything about programming but yet we can do whatever we want, however we want with the Android devices we own with a few simple taps on the screen. When we go out to the streets, we compare our phones and see how UNIQUE they are in every aspects: icons, themes, layouts, sounds, live wallpapers, speed, even hardware such as metal cases and skins. We like to be different, we want to be different, we enjoy being different, and at the same time, we enjoy the right to be different. Android allows us to do all these.

Various Custom ROMs
Image from blogdoandroid
We Android developers hack our phones for love and for fun! We root our devices, play with customization, install custom ROMs, change kernels, select voltages, overclock them to push their performance to the maximum, and many more. We develop amazing ROMs, kernels, apps for the devices we love, always help out each others' technical needs and share our work with the Android community to create new software that has and will continue to rock the world! The most important thing is, anyone can be an Android developer and anyone can make a difference in the Android world because Google welcomes creativity at the base level.

Apple's doesn't.

Resurrection Remix Custom ROM
Image from Westcrip

Image from Naver LINE
We don't want limited creativity, or creativity that is build upon what is permitted by a company. We don't buy the concept of having just one way to create things -- the Apple way, we want the freedom to explore, the freedom to make changes to something we own, the freedom to simply say "NO!"

That's my answer.

I'm not saying iPhone is not good. I have grown to appreciate iPhone 5 more than ever in fact, because speed wise and design wise, it is really really good! No doubt about that.

I just think this argument between which is better should not go beyond the personal level.

I think iPhone users should love their iPhone for their preferred reasons and Android fans should learn to understand that love, sometimes, just doesn't need an explanation. The iPhone fans, on the other hand, should also realise that not everyone on this planet are satisfied with what has been presented to them while at the same time being told that "this is the best, you can't get anything better than this" and be controlled by that forever, because then there won't be any self-improvement, there will only be spoon-feeding and blind obedience.

Finally, as a summary, iPhone is good for most common users because Apple does a good enough job for those who doesn't need customization and are happy with the given default elegance, whereas Android phones are more suitable for advanced users who likes tweaking ROMs and kernels, adding new things to make his device truly unique.

Hey, the devices that you own really do tell your personalities, don't they?

As for the on-going lawsuits of Apple and Samsung, I think it is bad because no matter who the winner is, creativity will be limited. But in terms of competitions, having Apple, Samsung, LG, Sharp, Nokia, Sony, etc... all  these companies help to push the mobile technology development to go faster and be better, phones will be cheaper and more affordable eventually, so we consumers will always benefit.

tug-of-war -- (n) [C usually singulara type of sport in which two teams show their strength by pulling against each other at the opposite ends of a rope, and each team tries to pull the other over a line on the ground
implant --- (vb) [T] to fix ideas, feelings or opinions in someone else's mind
miraculous -- (adj) very effective or surprising or difficult to believe
altering -- (n) from (vb) [I or T] to change something, usually slightly, or to cause the characteristics of something to change
easier said than done -- informal said when something seems like a good idea but it would be difficult to do
laughable -- (adj) silly and not deserving to be seriously considered
undeniably -- (adv) certainly true
resistant -- (adj) not harmed or affected by something
game-changing-- (adj) 
minimalist -- (adj) belonging or relating to a style in art, design and theatre that uses the smallest range of materials and colours possible, and only very simple shapes or forms


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