Thursday 9 August 2012

Photography: Canon 7D Firmware Upgrade Has Come!!!

Image from Canon USA

This is the much anticipated camera firmware upgrade! Firmware 2.0.0 for Canon EOS 7D has finally been rolled out

Canon EOS 7D
Image from PetaPixel
What will be improved in this upgrade?

For me, the most useful function would be better burst mode buffer, faster viewing, and the in-camera RAW processing function.

For more details in black and white, you can visit the EOS 7D Firmware Upgrade page.

Image from Locky's English Playground
If you are based in Hong Kong, you can download the English or Chinese firmware from here. Otherwise, you will need to check the Canon page for your country; however, I've downloaded the USA English version too and I don't see any difference in the file size of the firmware file, which means, there should be no difference.

I love my 7D more and more!

anticipate -- (vb)[T] to imagine or expect that something will happen, sometimes taking action in preparation for it happening
roll (sth) out -- phrasal verb [M] to make a new product, service or system available for the first time
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Canon 7D Firmware 2.0 Update @ YouTube

EOS 7D Firmware Upgrade Overview @ Canon

Download @ Canon Hong Kong