Friday 15 April 2011

News & Food: 'Beating the Petty Person' & Tofu Fa

News? Not really. Olds? Well, yeah.

I was watching DigitalRev TV again and a recent video reminded me that I have not actually written an entry on a very traditional Hong Kong activity, called "Beating the Petty Person". I remember that I have taught this in some lessons and I thought I have written about it.

Anyway, what is "beating the petty person"? It is a term coined by TIME journalist Ling Woo Liu back in 2009 when she wrote one of the articles for The Best of Asia 2009.

"I am beating you, petty person! You have air, but you can't breathe! You have feet, but you can't walk!"
Image from TIME
Watch the video at 6:48.

The  Canal Road Flyover is the place you need to look for.

Other than visiting the granny-beaters, there are some nice mini-restaurants on that road, especially the tofu shop, Yan Wo Dou Bun Chong, they do amazingly smooth Tofu Fa!

Tofu Fa
Image from Openrice

The Best of Asia 2009 -- 'Beating the Petty Person' @ TIME,28804,1893324_1893306_1893302,00.html

Canon 50mm f/1.2 L vs Leica Noctilux f/0.95 (Battle of Bokeh) @ YouTube

Yan Wo Dou Bun Chong @ Openrice