Monday 20 September 2010

Sports: Uncommon Ball Games -- Part 1

As I was in the bus on East Corridor towards Causeway Bay, I saw this green artificial court at Victoria Park, which reminds me that there are a lot of ball games which are uncommon to English learners.

For example, Bowls, which I suspect to be the main ball game people play on the court in Victoria Park, is a game to roll a bigger ball (called bowl) in an attempt to stop closest to a smaller white bowl. The following you see is called Lawn Bowl.

Bocce is a similar sport with an Italian name, and the biggest difference is that it is played within a long court.

If you are better with a stick, maybe you should try Croquet. It's kind of like golf, but it takes a different kind of skills.

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If you want a much more exciting one, how about Sepak Takraw? A Malay-named sport that is also known as kick volleyball, native to Southeast Asia. I watched a little when I was in Singapore, not my real interest, but definitely crazily skilful!!