Friday 27 August 2010

TV: Dual Survival

Some of you guys must be wondering if I have any adventure style TV programs to watch other than the non-adventuring ones like No Reservations, Topgear and House. Well, for your information, I do, and recently I have been all crazy this show you see from this picture above, Dual Survival, brought to you by two survival experts, military trained Dave Canterbury and self-reliant naturalist Cody Lundin.

A mini profile of the two heroes:

Cody Lundin
Primitive Skills Expert
20+ years experience
Teaches survival techniques in Arizona Desert
Walks barefoot
Wears shorts
Hippy style
Full of indigenous knowledge
Prefers easy food

Dave Canterbury

Army trained
S.R.T. Sniper / Paratrooper
Runs the Pathfinder School
Highly adventurous
Risk taker
Meat lover

What I really like about this show, is that you get to learn a huge amount of survival skills -- 2 styles in fact, which are useful, practical and you never know when you will need it, like a language, and thus you can really kill two birds with one stone with this program.

Plus, you get all these dramas between Dave and Cody, their occasional disagreements with each other's survival techniques, how Cody's bare feet work well or bad in different situations, how Dave takes too much risk and pisses Cody off, and most importantly, how teamwork and friendship are built along the way. It is a show of adrenaline rush excitement and neck-and-neck combat of two very different survival strategies.

Here's the episode list, click and enjoy the whole episodes thrill!!!

Season 1 
SHIPWRECKED — Premiered June 11, 2010 
FAILED ASCENT — Premiered June 18, 2010 
OUT OF AIR — Premiered June 25, 2010 
DESERT BREAKDOWN — Premiered July 2, 2010 
PANIC IN THE JUNGLE — Premiered July 9, 2010 
SWAMPED — Premiered July 16, 2010 
SPLIT UP — Premiered July 23, 2010 
SOAKED — Premiered July 30, 2010 
AFTER THE STORM — Premiered August 13, 2010 
BOGGED DOWN — Premiered August 20, 2010 

Really looking forward to Season 2!!!

PS: Just in case that you don't know, I have indeed recommended the Mythbusters, which is quite a thrilling show too!

minimalist -- (n)[C] an artist or designer who uses a minimalist style
primitive -- (adj) relating to human society at a very early stage of development, with people living in a simple way without machines or a writing system
barefoot -- (adj) not wearing any shoes or socks
hippy -- (n) [C] a person, typically young, especially in the late 1960s and early 1970s, who believed in peace, was opposed to many of the accepted ideas about how to live, had long hair, and often lived in groups and took drugs
indigenous -- (adj) naturally existing in a place or country rather than arriving from another place
sniper -- (n) [C] someone who shoots at people from a place where they cannot be seen
paratrooper -- (n) [C]  soldiers trained to be dropped from an aircraft with a parachute
adrenaline rush -- (n) [U] an activity of the adrenal gland in a fight-or-flight response, when it is releasing adrenaline (epinephrine)
neck-and-neck -- (idiomatic adj) If two competitors are neck and neck, they are level with each other and have an equal chance of winning.
combat -- (n)[C]a fight between two people or things

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