Friday 18 March 2016

News: A Ransomware called Locky and TeslaCrypt!!!

Image from ESET

I know I have been writing about Tesla quite a lot lately, as this is what I have been doing day in day out, but I swear these ransomware have nothing to do with me and Tesla!

According to welivesecurity,

Since the end of February we have observed several propagation campaigns of ransomware – for example Locky and TeslaCrypt – being spread using the JS/TrojanDownloader.Nemucod malware. Those campaigns have achieved very high detection rates in ESET telemetry systems, such as LiveGrid®, with countries like Japan reaching almost 80%.
Those detection rates are calculated thanks to the users who are sending data automatically using the LiveGrid® System; it shows what percentage of the total amount of detected malware in our servers belongs to one variant.
Image from ESET
I'm not very happy about this, because now if I search my name, my blog doesn't show up as first search results any more!
"Locky" as search keyword
Image from Google

Trojan Downloaders on the rise: Don’t let Locky or TeslaCrypt ruin your day @welivesecurityNews