Monday 19 September 2011

Technology: Windows 8 Developer Preview

Hi guys, instead of writing one single entry today, I have found a few things that really interest me and will split that into several entries. First of all,  as most of us know that Windows 8 Developer Preview version is out! And anyone can download it, have fun with it FOR FREE!!!!! (Actually, the same thing happened before Windows 7 was officially released.)

First, Windows 8 has a reputation of 8 seconds boot-up time (with the right hardware of course) which is said to be 50% faster than Windows 7.

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Second, it promises a totally new desktop interface allowing users to view their PC like a mobile phone, third, just in case you don't like the new interface, you still get the Windows 7 traditional desktop, and fourth, Windows 8 is totally finger-touch-friendly so very soon, we will be able to use PC monitors/ laptops/ netbooks like an iPod.

To try Windows 8 out, you are suggested to use virtualisation softwares such as VirtualBox (which is  free, multi-platform (Windows, Linux, Mac, and Solarus) ) or VMware's Workstation 8 (not free, but has 30-day free trial) instead of directly installing the Windows 8 on your hard disk. If you are a Mac user who got bored by Apple and would like to try out Windows 8, you also have Parallel Desktop 7 (free 14-day trial),  or VMware Fusion 4 (free 30-day trial).'

I'll be trying that on my removable hard disk to be safe! Update you when I have done so!

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