Monday 28 March 2011

Message: Heck of a Week!

Haven't found anything interesting today, so I will just write about what happened to me last week. Hopefully, you won't find it too boring.

I was working on my assignments and term papers for my Master's degree as the deadlines are pushing in. There were classes to attend and classes to teach, I feel like my liver has been suffering a little too much, so much so that taking a shower would mean almost time for bed which was like 2-3am. Fortunately, I have finally completed all of them on Sunday and other than light-workload spell-cum-grammar checking, I shall be free this weekend to do something I have missed and really enjoyed! What will that be? I'll keep that as a secret for now. You post an entry about it if it turns out really enjoyable.

Last Friday night, I went to my 'canteen' -- Tai Hing (Mongkok cheap branch) to have dinner and met these 4 Israeli who needed help with their meal orders and so I did a cameo for the restaurant as the 10-minute waiter and placed orders for them as well as recommended the goose drumsticks and suckling pigs. It was really fun and meaningful to have helped them and they really loved the food! This is what truly matters! They told me that they are on a 10-day trip and it was their 5th day, I bid them goodbye after that and went to teach my evening class. Coincidently, I went to Jordan the next day and I ran into them again!!! They were walking down Nathan Road and going into camera shops for some money-draining actions! I kindly reminded them to be careful in those shops as they often mark up the price once they know you were foreigners and they immediately told me they had experienced a 60% premium price, they also knew about Fortress and Broadway but they said they found bargaining down from 60% exciting and would like to practise more, so I left them with my wishes and went to teach my afternoon lessons.

Saturday night was Earth Hour 2011, and after having Indian dinner with my sis at Aladin Mess in Causeway Bay, we went across to Time Square to wait for the lights-out. Strangely, there was no sign of any off-light shows, so we hurried to World Trade Centre behind Sogo and when the saw the huge screen saying that the time was 8:32pm, which means the Earth Hour had already begun, everywhere was still glowing with light bulbs like day time!

Once again, I was disappointed. I was expecting not-so-many Hong Kong people would switch off their lights and not to join in since the experience in Tsim Sha Tsui last year but I wasn't expecting ZERO difference! On the bus home looking back at the Victoria Harbour, it was darKER in Central and Tsim Sha Tsui, but it was not dark at all.

When will most Hong Kong people care about climate change? Earth Hour Hong Kong wasn't promoting enough, TVs didn't show any ads and the government didn't help.

Today, I donated some money to Red Cross to the needy in Japan and some to OPS for saving the ocean. Let's hope that both Japan and the oceans can be saved.

Food and Restaurant: Tai Hing @ Locky's English Playground

Event: Earth Hour 2011 this Saturday!!!! @ Locky's English Playground

Environment: Earth Hour 2010 (add-ons) @ Locky's English Playground

Hong Kong Earth Hour 2011 @ YouTube

Documentary: The Cove @ Locky's English Playground