Tuesday 17 January 2012

Movie: We Bought A Zoo Review

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I can't wait till Wednesday to publish this! I must do it today, while it is still available on cinemas!

How can any movie be so simple yet so touching??? I really can't believe it! I still can't imagine how the scriptwriters and directors did it! Absolutely unbelievable movie!

I'm talking about a movie which might not have caught the attention of many because it is not an action movie, but if you ask me which movie is better than Mission Impossible 4, I would say, this one, We Bought A Zoo! This is the movie with scenes I wouldn't imagine myself sobbing and crying in.

Those loves: a rescuer's love towards animals, the painfully ever-lasting love towards a deceased wife, a widower's love towards his children, they are all remarkably portrayed in this 124-minute movie!

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The "Borne" star has finally taken a giant leap in his acting skills in this movie. Previously I don't even like Matt Damon, but this brave father character of Benjamin Mee completely changed my view of him. He actually did a great job in this family drama which is based on a true story set in Southern California.

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The daughter, Rosie, was the cutest of the movie, she's smart, caring, sweet, and she knows her head tilts! Definitely going to make a great star when she grows up. Similarly, from a 10-year-old child star to a glamorous woman, Danish descendant Scarlett Johansson doesn't dress in any sexy dresses but her sexiness comes from her speeches and her eyes, but I wasn't even interested in her sexiness anyway, just the relationship of her with Benjamin Mee.

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After watching this movie, I must agree with the fact that people were really beautiful in this movie, not of their faces, but of their hearts. People all sacrificing themselves for the sake of the animals, friends and public.

But what I really like about this movie, are those flashbacks which everyone would expect to be a simple video-editing skill of cut-rearrange-and-paste, but it wasn't!!! They merged the memories with the reality (in the movie)! Real-time flashbacks!!! That was excellent! I love this technique!! The part in which Benjamin sat on the kitchen floor looking at the old photos of his deceased wife, and the last part when she appeared in the cafe sitting on a chair she and Benjamin Mee first met, they were simply tear-drainingly warm!!! And the dialogues in this movie, so well-written, so good!!!!!


When I wrote, Movie: Must-watch & Can-Watch Movies 2011/12, I have never expected it to be so good! I must admit, I was wrong!!! Very wrong indeed!!!!!

If you really decide to watch this movie, do not miss the part near the end when Benjamin climbs over the fallen tree overlooking a line of visitors to the zoo, because the real Benjamin Mee, Milo (Dylan in the movie) Mee and Ella (Rosie in the movie) Mee can be seen as the first family in line to enter the zoo!

Have you watched this movie? What are your views? Do leave your comments!

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deceased -- (adj) formal dead
widower -- (n)[C] a man whose wife has died and who has not married again
descendant -- (n)[C] a person who is related to someone and who lives after them, such as their child or grandchild

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