Monday 21 January 2013

Technology: Best of CES 2013

 Watched a few amazing videos on technology last week on CES 2013, especially the following one,

I am definitely shocked by, not the iPhone, but the tissue. Awesome tissue! Where can I get one?

Just kidding, but this is crazy technology! Whichever mobile company that gets to work with Liquipel, can tell the world that their next phone is water-resistant, if not water-proof. Immediately I'm thinking, can I get my Canon 7D and lens for a Liquipel bath too?

The next one shows the toughness of the much improved version Gorilla Glass 3,

With that on your phone, you are very unlikely to get a crack. Awesome stuff compared to the not-so-hot Gorillas Glass 2 which didn't receive very good comments.

Coming in 3rd is the world's first full-frame sensor digital compact camera, the SONY RX1! Now I am not at all a SONY fanboy, but with a full-frame compact camera, I can get great quality pictures at much less weight that a pro-cam. This has got to be a brilliant travelling camera!


I was searching for information about NFC on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as I want to understand the technology better, and I found this! Check it out!

I love amazing tech!


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