Friday 27 June 2014

World Cup News & Sports: Ronaldo's Portugal, Balotelli's Panini, the Rio Night & the Biter!

Portugal out, who's fault?
Image from ESPN
Just a few collection of articles and videos these few days, mainly World Cup related.

Here's what happened to Portugal last night, they are out. They played without teamwork, they played with Nani, Nani and Nani, and Cristiano Ronaldo did his best. Seriously, he did his best. Considering the performance he gave this morning, that he could still outrun and outjump some of the Nigerian players while he's still stuck with that knee injury, I think he has even outperformed himself! Sure he missed several good chances, but those chances are dead close to scoring, and he still scored one! Now that Portugal has lost, who is to blame? I think no one but CR7's club -- Real Madrid, for they over-exhausted him this season and failed to win La Liga.

Here's Mario Balotelli picking himself and only himself as the player to play every single position of the Italian team, self-centredness at its best:
Considerable work went into Mario Balotelli's Italy squad selection.
Photograph & Caption: Guardian

Here's what Rio de Janeiro looks like during a game of football when the Brazilian team plays:

Here's what happened to the guy who bite and the guy who was bitten:

Woke up by the baby at 6am this morning, dead tired. Still, time to return to researching.

Mario Balotelli covers up Italy team with own sticker in Panini album

Alzirão Brazil Fan Festa | Layla's World Cup @ YouTube

Luis Suarez Bites Giorgio Chiellini @ YouTube