Wednesday 23 November 2011

Technology: iPhone 4S vs Galaxy SII vs Galaxy Nexus

All right! Another entry on the videos I have watched today, now that iPhone 4S has been selling for a week in Hong Kong, it is time to convince my friends again that Galaxy SII should no longer be comparing with iPhone 4 but with the iPhone 4S because Galaxy SII is 1 year old younger than iPhone 4 and it isn't fair to beat up some older guy.

But how about comparing with the new boy iPhone 4S while Galaxy is now 6 months old? Last time round, we already know that the Galaxy SII beats iPhone 4S badly in the drop test, what about comparing the other aspects?

Check the video out below! (The first part is a lot of specification reading.)

If you have not got bored with the facts reading by the guy and have watched the entire video, then you know that the iPhone 4S browsing is very tricky as it actually has't finished loading but it will tell you loading has been completed. Once again, Galaxy SII still beats the new iPhone boy in terms of many aspects, including speed!

Now, iPhone fans don't beat me up, here's another video but the author actually chose iPhone 4S in the end. 

Last but not least, how about the NEW NEW NEW Galaxy Nexus on Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) when compared to iPhone 4S?

Well, as you can see, the Nexus obviously has an advantage over the 4S in terms of speed, but not that much faster. So overall, the Galaxy SII is still the fastest phone when running and there is no cheat during the loading. To find out if your Android phone will be getting the new Ice Cream Sandwich, here is a website that lists out all.

Hope you get enough listening practice this time round!

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