Monday 6 December 2010

Food and Restaurant: Sapporo @ Sai Wan Ho (2nd & 3rd Revisits)

Great food is never enough for anyone, and this is particularly true when dining with great students. On the 20th November, I was invited by my students to have dinner (and lesson 11) at a Japanese restaurant no other than Sapporo in Sai Wan Ho. It was simply brilliant!

First came the Truffle Salmon Salad -- juicy Italian truffles on fresh orangy salmon placed above red and romaine lettuces served with a special Japanese vinegar of secret recipe. (For more lettuce names: please read Lettuce - Condor Seed Production in Yuma, Arizona)

Special dinner with special treatment! Extra truffle!

Yesterday, I went again wtih my girlfriend and almost had the same salad. A double or triple more critical food critic she is than I am, she gave a 5 out of 5 for the salad.

Back to our lesson 11, our next dish is Boiled Periwinkles in Sake. Great for snack!

Do you know what the bamboo skewers are for?

Then came another salad but this time, with Thai Pomelo, tomatoes, shrimps and shrimp roes.

Many pieces have disappeared before taking this picture, just because it tastes too good! The liver of an Monkfish, called Ankimo in Japanese, eaten after preparation using Sake. Definitely a scary to look at, but the liver is as smooth as foie gras, tastes as rich as hairy crab roe, plus the creaminess! Also, 5 out of 5.

Image from Wikipedia

Then came Oden,   関東煮(おでん), a dish that will make Japanese weep to see in Hong Kong, a bowl of daikon radish, fish cakes, fish balls, Chikuwabu, wrapped Japanese chewy rice cake, deep fried tofu and boiled egg in seaweed-based soup, sold in a food cart in Japan, may look a bit like the Hong Kong style's food cart noodles side dishes, but definitely must try the rice cakes and the daikon (turnip).

Then came the fresh of the fresh mackerel. Because of the freshness, we were asked not to apply sauce or ginger and just to have the sashimi plain, it tasted incredibly gorgeous!! Normally, a fish like this will somehow tastes or smells fishy, didn't happen for this lovely one!

The head and the tail were later deep fried and turned into...

and this!
And later ended up in our stomach as well.

Next, the Okonomiyaki お好み焼き, Japanese seafood pizza of the Kansai region, crispy and crunchy and cheesy and hot! Made everyone want more!

Then finally, my noodles! We ordered Miso soup ramen,

and salt soup ramen with butter,

Just by looking at the noodles won't explain how chewy the noodles were, how crunchy the preserved bamboo shoots were, how clear the soup were, and how happily full we all were! You must try some day!

Last but not least, the ice-creams. Many liked the green tea, but I ordered the red beans, because I know, Japanese red beans ice cream are not easy to find.

It was only this day that I knew, that Sapporo in Sai Wan Ho is not just simply a great noodles restaurant. There are many more good dishes, and I will try them in my next visit. Be sure I will bring my Olympus camera!

Food and Restaurant: Sapporo @ Sai Wan Ho

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