Saturday 8 February 2014

Auto: Interviewed by The New York Times

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Two days ago, I received an email from The New York Times reporter Alan inviting me to an interview to talk about how the First Registration Tax, if expires, will affect the sale of Tesla Model S in Hong Kong.

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It was quite a surprise because I had never expected anyone from Hong Kong to read my comment on one of the Tesla Motor Blog posts titled "A Fair Price", which talks about the unconventional fair price that Tesla is placing on the Model S offered to the buyers in China.

Comments by Locky
Image from Tesla Motors Blog
Ever since I have stopped writing for Singtao Student Page, It has been quite awhile since my name last made it to a newspaper.

I selfishly arranged the interview at a cafe in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University as I had to conduct my seminar at 4:30pm (or at least I thought so, until I eventually realised that I was one week early as the actual date is in fact next Friday... the students are still on Chinese New Year holidays! Bummer!).

Alan is a friendly young lad, and very tall indeed, at least 15cm taller than me. In the one-hour interview, I particularly appreciate that he was always interested in everything I said -- from the reasons I choose a particular configuration of the Model S (well, would you guess it is because of my little baby girl? ) to my opinions of how might a non-extension of the First Registration Tax would impact the sales of Model S in Hong Kong, his pen and his notepad had been working tenaciously throughout.

Apparently he is no newbie to Tesla, for he has already written several articles about the company, still he was polite to say he had learnt quite a bit from me, that is an act of respect for his interviewee well-demonstrated.

A guy like Alan, who wants to raise the public awareness of government policies towards electric vehicles, deserves more assistance from the Tesla community in Hong Kong, thus on the same day, I posted a message on a thread I started on Tesla Motors Club Hong Kong forum to call for assistance should Alan approach any of them.

When Alan's article is out, Locky's English Playground will definitely not miss it!


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